Why we should abolish Project Work for guys

Dear Ministar for Education,

After a great deal of thought, I think you should work with the Ministar for Defence and come up with a plan to abolish Project Work in JCs for guys. Specifically, guys who are going into National Service. In fact, you should add one more year of Project Work for the females and foreign males who are not going into National Service. This is because, your humble peasant feels that Project Work is equivalent to National Service in a very major way. Both have extreme wayang elements.

This humble peasant has gone through both Project Work and National Service, and has seen what a great potential for wayang both could be. This is because your success in both Project Work and National Service is not directly dependent on how hard you work, or how capable you are, but how much wayang you can cause.

1. It’s dependent on your immediate superiors
We all know how Project Work is heavily influenced by teachers, just like in National Service. During NS, some sergeants may be like this: “Eh. Stand by area. Everything clean and tidy can already. No need to be like 5 star hotel”. Other sergeants are different: “Stand by area! I want everything to be perfect. Later got ministar RSM coming to inspect. I don’t want to see any speck of dust”. You get the picture. Your immediate superiors decide on how much you need to work to gain their approval, no matter whether the RSM is indeed coming to inspect or not. Similarly, your teachers decide how hard you have worked. Whether you exceed expectations, meet expectations or fail to hit expectations. Now when I was in JC, my teacher is like the slacker sergeant. Lazy to do anything. Lazy to see how we work during normal times.

2. It’s dependent on your own wayang
I remember the time when the lazy teacher comes to sit with us for like 10 minutes or so, listening to our discussion. Seriously, it is a huge wayang. It’s exactly like NS, where the slacker rests on the bed whilst the rest of us do our area cleaning, and when it is done and we are resting, he pretends to be doing something the moment the sergeant comes into the picture. The sergeant thinks the slacker is the most hardworking soldier, but we all know what a big wayang he is. In Project Work, you should contribute as many things as possible, even when 90% of it is just a huge smoke out. When your teacher sees how much you are contributing, you are deemed to be working hard, even though you contribute nothing when the teacher is not around.

3. It’s dependent on other people
At the final, we have this presentation where teachers from other schools come and listen to our presentations and judge on our presentation skills. This is like NS Atec evaluation. I remember the time when my unit 1GDS was asked to evaluate our brother unit, 3GDS. Of course we close one eye when we do things. By nature of affiliation, we will try our best not to give problems to the unit. On the other hand, if you ask us to evaluate other units, what is to say that we don’t go and sabo the units so that they get a lousier rating? This is exactly the same for Project Work. The teacher from the rival school will try to tweak the scores slightly so that you don’t get a good score. Anyway, their own students probably get marked down too! Alternatively, if its affiliated, maybe tweak higher? There’s so much potential for abuse.

With this 3 points, it is sufficient to prove that Singaporean males do not need to do Project Work, since they are going through NS already. They would have equipped themselves with the basic smoke throwing skills, the chao keng and slack but still appear good soldier skills, and also even the how to carry the occifer balls skill. Hence there is no need to waste time on Project Work when they end up with the same skills!

The humble peasant hopes that the ministar will abolish PW for guys, and lengthen PW for the rest to 2 years so that their skills will be on par with the rest of the population!

Yours sincerely,

Writer’s note: This is merely a way to link both PW and NS through humour. Of course, there could be impartial people, and people that are not wayang, which is also the same in NS circumstance. But anyway, I think I should have proven that PW should not be taken seriously. Which person with brains would force the universities to accept PW as one of the admission criteria?

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