Last day for relaxation

I took a break tonight from studying and went to watch Suspect X, which is a Japanese movie that I’ve been wanting to catch in the cinemas for a long time but didn’t have anyone to go watching with me. So it’s a 2 hour plus break, and I really enjoyed myself and I’m quite appreciative of this break that gives me some relaxation time.

I must say the movie was great in my opinion, though it raised heads when I said that on MSN. Well, it’s my opinion and I think it’s much better than the last movie I saw that originated from a Jdrama, that is Kurosagi. Suspect X came from Galileo, and what’s interesting this time is that it’s not so much of using science to solve it, but using logical deduction. It’s more of a duel between two great minds, one to devise the perfect smoke out, one to find out the real truth.

I think it is a real pity that the math genius did so much for a love that didn’t come. But to actually want to commit suicide in the first place, I guess he’s really lost it. This just supports the fact that love is so irrational. Doesn’t make logical sense. Galileo said something inside like “What if the area of a circle is r*r*love? Doesn’t make sense”. Or ax^2+bx+c = love. Cannot solve. I guess in my discipline, love AND love = ?. Haha. Love makes people do such stupid things. That after a certain period of time they realize how irrational they are. Yet people still want it. Doesn’t make sense.

Anyway tomorrow’s the last day of school and the reading week starts on saturday. I only have one more week before the exams kick off. Shall go sleep so I can absorb tomorrow. Bye!

2 thoughts on “Last day for relaxation

  1. love AND love = love lor…
    just that what is love? =X

    ok la if you compare to kurosagi, this is better. but i was expecting more from the battle between the geniuses… (:

    1. Haiz. Love is irrational. You don’t know the answer. There’s so many factors to think about. Whether enough voltage is applied for Vcc. Whether the fan in fan out conditions are met. Love AND Love may be 0 if Love is 0 too. Haha.

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