Beautifully imperfect video

Recently I watched this video that the government made. It’s set in the funeral and it’s talking about this woman whose husband is imperfect, since he farts loudly and snores loudly in bed, yet their love for each other is still great. Today’s paper carry a few letters that criticize the short clip.

1) Plagiarism
They yell plagiarism, saying that the funeral setting was copied content. The stupid thing was, it was referred to by the director, but the whole thing was paraphrased and new things were added. It’s not like you copy the entire plot and words and use it. Anyway I don’t see why people should focus on plagiarism instead of the meaning of the clip.

2) They argue that the film is asking them to not settle for their ideal mate. Asking them to settle for imperfection.
Are Singaporeans stupid or what? The short clip is there to tell you that humans are not perfect. Have you not realized that yourself? Since when was there an ideal mate? An ideal boyfriend? Husband? Ideal wife? It’s so much easier to build an ideal low pass filter (it doesn’t exist) than to find an ideal woman or man.

The clip is just saying that you do not need to seek perfection to be happy in life. Especially when it doesn’t exist. You can settle down with a decent man, and accept his flaws and be happy. Why must people take things so seriously and think that the government is urging you to seek imperfect mates? If so, why did our government tell university graduates to only marry university graduates to have cleverer offspring?

This reminds me of the Speak Mandarin advertisement. People criticize the government for using foreigners. As if using foreigners will remind us Singaporeans that we have a lot of foreign talent here taking our jobs. They say they feel inferior that foreigners can speak good chinese.

I wonder why is there a need to feel inferior. Is their level of chinese that bad? If it is, YES you should be feeling inferior. You’re damn weak. So buck up and brush up on your level of chinese because everyone else is learning and you don’t want to be left out. Stop whining like gu niangs that an advertisement makes you feel inferior.

Watch the imperfect people video here.

And the speak mandarin campaign:

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