When you just feeling like killing people

It’s that time of the semester where I wonder why the hell I set such ridiculously high targets for myself, and raise doubts on whether I can truly achieve my targets for the semester. This is the first time I have set such a huge target, which made me feel that it’s a little unattainable. During the previous semesters, my aims were more human, I would say. Something like not get a C for MLE. Or for last semester, to pull back my CAP to above 4.5, which I did.

But I had to be tempted by the devil.

It’s like this. Humans set aims they think they can attain. And once they attain it, they get into another level and then they aim for something higher again. Probably a built in self conscious mechanism. For repeated self improvement. Before last semester, if you ask me to aim for Dean’s list. I’ll tell you, don’t be stupid. But I had to get it, and now I set higher goals. Tell me how the hell am I going to attain a 5.0 after 1 s/u this semester? I’m not sure whether I worked harder last sem or I worked harder this semester. It’s all too sick for me to think about.

But I seem to be drifting away from the goal. 😦 Need to study more.

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