End of the first paper

I just had my first paper back at 1pm, and I must say that in this morning, I was feeling really stressed up over the examinations. I have been giving myself a lot of expectations, something I expect to change from next sem onwards. It’s really a personal challenge to myself to get those grades I wish to get once in my life. And I guess from the next semester onwards, I’ll just do my best, but not expect to hit the high grades.

The paper was quite easy, and maybe too easy, I would say. It probably resulted in almost everyone knowing how to do every question, and I fear this scenario, for any minor mistakes would mean you drop behind many people. On the other hand, if that is the case, the only way to distinguish the grades would be the CA portion, of which I hope that I can say that I have done quite well.

This is a great start to the examinations and hopefully I have already secured an A. I also hope that in the coming few examinations, I can do well for all of them and come back blogging happily about the examinations.

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