Are you AWARE of Singapore’s elders?

I read with amusement at today’s Sunday Times which carried a few pages on the AWARE saga, which I have been silently following. Much has been said, largely repeated by everyone on the traditional media or the new media. But I am always amused by the things people say, full of holes which could be attacked, and which really makes no sense.

Are you aware that in Singapore, we should respect our elders unconditionally? No I’m not talking about your grandparents who showered you with care and concern, sweets and chocolates, toys, what have you. But I challenge the traditional notion that we should respect our elders, for as I agree with a retort in the AWARE EGM, that “respect has to be earned”.

In this modern world we have today, are we still bounded by old fashioned ideas that our elders are always right, and we should listen to them respectfully? Of course not. If that were true, then why are we having the issues on feminism? Feminism is the proof that people have progressed. In the past, females are not allowed to vote, today they can. Why should we blindly follow the elder who’s apparently blind?

It is ironic that this elder, who self dubbed herself as the “feminist mentor”, should acclaim after yesterday’s EGM that she was shocked and wondered what is happening to the females in Singapore. It is ironic simply because she calls herself the feminist mentor, yet seemed to be out of touch with the female mentality.

Now may I raise a very important point. The females in Singapore that voted for the old guard in yesterday’s EGM are not voting for homosexuality. To them, that is not the main point. The main point would be that they do not like the methods that were used to hijack an organization, and they do not like mixing religion into a secular organization.

I am further bewildered that a former Law Dean cannot understand the meaning of being secular, and choose to push for her religion-influenced opinion on homosexuality and apply it for the rest to follow.

As for the AWARE saga, I too have a few opinions, and they are mostly about the homosexuality part.

I don’t understand how teaching that homosexuality is neutral, as opposed to negativity, would encourage me to try homosexuality. Personally I feel homosexuality a little disgusting, especially when I saw the disgusting photos of two Singapore men doing the deed in public, which was posted on the internet. But I do feel that we should not need to treat them as weird, especially when they are not doing stuff in front of us. I would also not try homosexuality because I was taught that it is a neutral word.

I don’t see how our kids would be more likely to engage in homosexuality when we say it is normal. In my opinion, making it normal is trying to teach the kids not to discriminate against those who are different from them. Why would I want to engage in homosexual acts? It makes no sense.

It also makes no sense as to why parents are horrified about pre marital sex. Have they read the news that lower secondary school students are mating like there is no tomorrow? Why are we talking as if it hasn’t happened, and must be prevented? Should we continue to pretend that everyone is as “pure” and “untainted” like (insert someone’s name here)?

So when people say they fear for their kids, it makes me laugh. Are they being in a world of their own? Shouldn’t we accept that it is already happening, and change our methods in teaching them? We shouldn’t probably subscribe to a single school of thought, but merge ideas and decide what’s best for society to continue.

I also laugh as a sentence in the papers today, saying that those who came yesterday are not representative of all women in Singapore, who are supposed to be by and large conservative. Firstly, are all women members of Aware? No. Furthermore, how does anyone actually know that we are by and large conservative? And how do we measure the amount of conservativeness? I am conservative. I don’t think homosexuals should mate in public. Yet I don’t think they should be discriminated upon. Chances are, most people probably think this way. That is why we have the results we have yesterday.

The Aware “new guard” (irony. its old now) was fighting a different battle since the beginning. It is no wonder they lost.

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