I’ve just watched a very nice movie called Taken which is showing in cinemas now. The whole movie is a short 1 hours and 30 minutes, and may perhaps seem a little cliché to people, or even boring since it’s just a typical action film but I really enjoyed it very much.

I was glued to the screen during the entire length of the film, and in my opinion, it was exciting. Basically I would say it’s short and sweet, not too much nonsense, and the actions just runs throughout the entire movie. There’s no part where it drags and every part is a nervous wait to see how he saves his daughter.

Basically this is a story of a retired CIA agent who has a broken family. Due to his absence from home for operations, his wife divorced him and went to another man. He retires and moves near his daughter so he could spend more time with her. He appears paranoid at time, refusing to allow his daughter to go to Paris with just another friend since they are about 17 years old. However, to make his daughter happy, he agreed with a few conditions. I think one should be able to feel his parental love for his daughter, and I can see that he’s a very sad character.

Why so? The step father is rich and gives his daughter a present that outshines his. At that moment I could feel the disappointment he had as a father trying to spend time with his daughter. I could even feel the slight tinge of regret, in a way he’s trying to make up for time lost, but doesn’t get much chance.

But his paranoia comes true as his daughter and her friend gets kidnapped in Paris by a human trafficking organization. His daughter was on the phone with him during the kidnapping, and hence he is able to obtain a voice recording of the kidnappers’ voice. Using his CIA skills, he goes to Paris to hunt down the very people who did this to his daughter.

Throughout the whole movie, he uses his CIA skills often especially in hand to hand combat, and manages to obtain information at each step that finally leads to him finding his daughter and saving her from the man who bought her.

I guess the reason why I liked this movie is because it shows how much the father actually loves his daughter even though he didn’t spend enough time with her when he was still a CIA operative. This kind of intensity that makes one go all out to save someone is a very touching kind of love, something that isn’t easy to get in today’s world. And I think that makes it a good movie. At least, I enjoyed it, every second of the movie.

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