I fell sick

I fell sick since Friday and it hasn’t ended yet. Probably caught a cold at Jurong Point on Friday where I met my JC friends got a buffet from Zhou’s Kitchen. The buffet wasn’t exactly that fantastic, and I caught a cold. What a wonderful way to spend the $29.15.

On Saturday I developed a fever which lasted till today. By Sunday, the cold has been controlled and my throat became sore. So I have to reduce my temperature and treat my throat. Hopefully by tomorrow it’ll be alright.

I kinda fainted three times today at home. Whilst brushing my teeth I felt that my legs were diving way, so I walked to the yard to keep the cloth I was using to wipe myself with cold water. I felt that I needed to sit down so I walked to the sofa, but in the middle of it I fainted and was lying on the floor till my mum found me and woke me up. Apparently my sister woke up from the sound.

My mum brought me to the kitchen so she could “sponge” my face with cold water, and I fainted there again, lying on the cupboards. I remembered seeing yellow in front of me and I was afraid that my temperature was too high. Then my mum brought me to the dining table and I sat on it. I actually fainted and I honestly didn’t know I had even sat on the chair. I only remembered my mum asking why I fainted on the floor when I was sitting on the chair. My mum was really worried and cancelled her English class because she had to take care of me. Thanks mum, happy mother’s day.

I’m now feeling better, although the thermometer says I’m varying from 37.7 to 38.8 degrees Celsius from time to time. I honestly felt better than yesterday though, but the temperature doesn’t seem to be dropping. I can only hope I’ll get better by tomorrow, but I don’t think I should be going out too since I’m so weak at the moment.

It seems that the bad weather had made many people sick during this period. Do remember to drink lots of water and get enough sleep. And eat meals at the right time too!

4 thoughts on “I fell sick

  1. Take care iggy. Anyway it is better this now than during the exams, but recover quickly ok.

    Ermz, having meals at right time and having enough sleep… Thanks for reminding us. I will try…

  2. Thanks for the concern. Yesterday night it hit about 39.2, but the average for today is about 37.5. Should be recovering already I guess.

  3. i have my meals at the right time… and i have enough sleep too! just that my time has “shifted” by a number of hours.

    anyway, get well soon! =)

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