What I want to do!

I’ve recovered from my fever for last week and now I’m itching to do a few things, and for most of them I haven’t found anyone to go with me.

1) Eat Ramen @ Central
There’s this supposedly (I say supposedly because I haven’t eaten it yet) great Japanese Ramen place at Central. It’s called the Ramen Santouka and it seems really great from this blog post. I really want to try the ramen there but its not that cheap, so I haven’t had the chance to find anyone who’s interested in eating that.

2) Eat Ramen again at Tampines One.
There’s a new shopping center called Tampines One, if I remember correctly. There’s this stall in The Sunday Times today that showed a new Jap restaurant that is cooked in the same way as in Hokkaido, except they only use 1/2 the lard. I’m also itching to try it because it’s difficult to find great ramen places in Singapore. Most places, like Ajisan’s have ramen that’s totally different from Hokkaido’s. Zen zen oishikunaindesu!

3) Watch Angel’s and Demons
This is a no brainer. I want to watch this.

4) Watch Night at the Museum 2
I liked the first one so I want to watch the 2nd one too.

5) Go to Marina Barrage to see
Marina Barrage can be seen from the Singapore flyer, and it would be interesting to go visit since it’s a man made reservoir right at the heart of the city!

6) Singapore flyer
I missed the outing with my friends last week due to the fever, and it’s been a little sian because I may end up going alone. Still have to see how.

That’s all at the moment!

3 thoughts on “What I want to do!

  1. 1) wah the ramen @ central really doesn’t look all that economical. ~_~ but at least the pictures look nice… lol

    2) tampines one is a bit far leh, though I haven’t been there before yet.

    3) watched liao

    4) will want to watch this unless reviews suddenly blast it to worthlessness

    5) what’s this? >.< oops

    6) don’t think i will join you for this =P

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