Angels and Demons


I watched this movie with Nelson and Mazin yesterday at the Cathay at Dhoby Gaut. The outing was lame from the start because the meeting point is station control, and there are two station controls at Dhoby Gaut. Naturally I realized that there’s this possibility that they are at the other side, because how can they not see me when I’m there already. So I asked to meet them at Cathay. After I reached, I got an sms saying they’ll meet me at the top. So I went up. They weren’t even there yet lo. I thought people will say that only when they reach first.

My other two friends Jiahao and Waikit also watched it before me, one week ago on the 14th when it officially opened. There are alot of people in the theatres though. Could see faint outlines of xmm(s) in the theatre.

But I must say that Angels and Demons is a freaking good movie. Kudos to the director for making it interesting from the start, and it goes right into the action without wasting time. I only remember starting to watch and then I never had the time to think about anything else.

However (tadashi), there are quite a few missing elements or edited elements in the movie as compared to the book. Of course it is expected since there is so much extra information. I am perfectly fine with the director not including the BBC reporter section. But I am a little confused with the Illuminati guy. In the book that guy believes in the Illuminati and believes in what he is doing is right. This actor doesn’t seem to give me that feeling at all. Perhaps the director didn’t want that to happen.

The director of CERN is also visibly missing. And the structure of the Swiss Guards is different. The one driving Langdon around should be the head of security. Not the guy who is framed by the Camenlango (spelling not sure). That’s only a Captain.

During the show I also knew Langdon wouldn’t be able to go up the helicopter as written in the book, because it’s really hard to include that in and explain how the hell he is still alive from a free fall with no chute.

But I must say the director wrapped things up very nicely. Although the plot is changed in a major way (how they found out the Carmenlango was the bad guy), the whole thing actually flows like a nice story.

I have some complaint though. I wanted the Illuminati Diamond. That’s the best brand. But they had to change it so that they can immediately know its St Peter’s tomb. I would very much would like it that the Carmenlango goes into a trance and keep shouting “Upon this rock I will build my Church”, and then running into the tomb. Greater effect and the movie length only increases slightly. And at lease you get the best brand in the entire movie. Earth Air Fire Water in a perfect Diamond.

Langdon is also supposed to receive the brand as a reward, not the Galileo’s text (which he koped one page from). And that page is ruined when he saved the Water preferatti. So even in his last will and testament, that page cannot find its way back to the Vatican. Plus the water guy is not supposed to be alive! But if you kill him, Langdon probably cannot find his way to the Church of Illumination so quickly. It would be interested to have a branded Pope. Haha.

But it all flows nicely in one good story, and that is what good movies should be. Good movies should not follow the book too strictly because sometimes they become lousy movies. Movies are for entertainment, and people should read the book for more information.

Angels and Demons is probably the best movie I have seen so far this year. 4.5 stars out of 5.

On another note, updates on my life. After the movies I went to Great Eastern because my friend Lennard went to hear the Adam Khoo talk for the Internship program 7. So the few of us who joined previously went down to meet him and talk. It was enjoyable. Tanoshii.

But yesterday there was a huge bomb thrown for the July holiday trip. We got fed up again with the lack of planning, and yesterday night we stayed up to settle the budget and plans for KL, and issue a deadline of Friday for the Jakarta plan. We shall see how it goes. Hopefully it’ll be planned well with no sudden increase in budget.

The lessons learnt are enormous. We should always not waste money, and plan first before sinking in the money. Always set a budget and work with it. Don’t assume everyone is a rich kid who has plenty of money to spend. Besides, we have been digging a hole to fill an existing hole. That’s wrong. We should solve the problem and fill the hole and not create another hole!

Always plan the itinerary and then decide the duration. This is because why book a long duration if you only need a few days to see everything? In the end you add stuff and that adds to the budget. And never ever think there is time for planning in the future. You don’t know what is going to cock up in the future. So what if the plan may change? At least there’s a plan to begin with, something you can be sure that works. Better than when problems come up and there’s no plans to edit, causing problems for everyone.

Anyway I hope it’s going to be settled without any future problems. I think it is hard for other people to become what I expect of them, and I guess if I’m ever going for a grad trip, I should find people who can fit my expectations.

I’m in the middle of getting inspirations to revamp this site. It has been a year already and it needs a new look! 🙂 Kthxbye

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