New Blog Skin

Anyone who has been to my site once in the past year would have noticed that the blog design has changed. The whole inversion from the white background to the black background, and the black text that has been changed to the white text. In a way, perhaps it represents a wish to invert my life in the past year, and change some aspects of it that I have been rather unhappy about.

This time there is no real theme. Last year I put my favourite hobbies up as a theme, taking photos of it and making a header with those photos. Plus the theme was focused on my favourite Jap actress. Now, there is no theme, and it is just a simple blog design that’s easy for anyone to make.

I shifted some of the components below, including stuff like the tag cloud, archives, links etc. It can be accessed from the top navigational bar so people can minimize scrolling.

Anyway about the topic of inversion. The past year has been good to me in terms of studies, so that’s not what I wanted to invert. There has been a few things I want to change. Like trying out new things, taking the initiative in things, becoming more entrepreneurial, actually doing something out as a business etc.

But one thing I would like to especially learn in the next academic year is to change my attitude in a particular situation:
I realized how people tend to like to say “I think..” in situations where you hope for a clear answer to help you. Or in a situation that you expect that very person to be clear about his findings and his work. Or in a situation you hope that person will not think and just find the answer. But recently “I think..” has been happening pretty frequently and I thought that perhaps we should all be a little more proactive and find things out to help the people around us when they ask us questions.

And perhaps for something which I’m in charge of, I should get all the possible knowledge required, so that I can brief my friends, and when they ask questions, I can give them a satisfactory answer instead of “I think..” I think (LOL) this is a very important change that will greatly affect one’s life.

I also hope to invert my situation as a member of Jh’s club. Seeing that Zong has resigned from the club, I wonder if I will have my chance soon, though I don’t think so. But I’ve been hoping to feel special, but it seemed that friends don’t really care as much.

There are places I want to go, but sometimes it’s just plain moronic and retarded to go alone, so I’m waiting for someone special to accompany me, especially to the flyer, since everyone else that wants to go have gone already, and I’m like alone.

Anyway I’m glad I finished this blog skin. I can now concentrate on my other projects. 🙂

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