One day before

My friends seem to have blogged about taking results tomorrow, and I think everyone else is nervous. Right. Because I’m not really feeling anything. I always tend to feel it on the day itself, especially when it’s going to be 11am, the time of collection of results. The worst thing is, we’re going to check after lunch so as not to spoil our appetite, and our desserts ordering will depend on what’s for results. Hence I’m probably going to check only like at 12plus, and I’ll be like waiting to death. Haha.

I was aiming for a 5.0 this semester after one s/u on Singapore Studies. However that seems quite impossible because of how horrible I felt in a particular module. With some luck, I am praying for 3 As for the 3 EE modules I felt comfortable with, that includes EE2006 Digital Design (which I am very pleased with), EE2009 Signals (scary but I actually felt thankful after the paper) and EE2010 (which I think I should do well too). Only EE2012 made me curse the lecturer. I don’t really see how I’m going to apply those concepts in real life. Honest.

But I guess there goes my only chance of attaining the “impossible” in my life. The next few semesters will be very different and chances like that don’t come often, and won’t come at all. I was hoping to attain the “impossible” and then tell everyone “nothing is impossible”. As long as you are willing to work for it.

I read something that gave me a greater understanding. It’s with respect to things that we feel are scams, in particularly internet sales where they tell you that it is possible to earn, and ask you to buy their software or ebook. Instead of dismissing it as a scam, why not research more, and find out if what they claimed is possible? In that way we won’t lose out. But I must admit, I used to think such things are scams, but those that I’m thinking of are not. In a way, teaching people how to make money is probably the best way of earning money. People are naturally greedy and they want to know how to make money, and most people end up not following because they don’t want to put in the effort and time. Hence they fail and they say it is a scam.

I have been feeling very entrepreneurial recently, with the attitude of go out and do it. Or an attitude of “why not”, “let’s do it”. I even went out to buy a book called “Make your money work for you”, and I’m going to take this holiday and try to learn as much as possible about financial instruments like bonds, stocks, derivatives, futures etc.

I came up with a sentence today, and I think it’s quite right: The reason why the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer is because the rich invested time in educating themselves on finances.

Same reason as to why the top 10% of humans eat more than 90% of the total income. Life’s never fair, so get out and work on it.

Tomorrow my JC clique and I will be going to Swensens for the 1 for 1 lunch deal, after which I have to go to Dhoby Gaut at 3.30pm to meet my CSM for a meeting for reservist, and then down to Ngee Ann Polytechnic to attend a piano concert by my Primary School friend.

Busy day.

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