Slight disappointment

There’s this slight disappointment that you feel when you don’t get what you aim for. When you’ve been aiming for a certain grade since the beginning of the semester, it doesn’t feel right when you didn’t attain it, although people will probably slap me since my results arn’t bad at all.

If you have been diligently reading my blog, you’ll know I was aiming for a near impossible score of 5.0. It’s like the desire to achieve perfection when it’s most possible. I even got a Singapore Studies module which I had planned to slack and S/U it. Now speaking of this SS module, I’m really stunned.

For my SS lectures, I have been just attending but not really paying attention since the lecturer is really dry. For SS tutorials, I went there, talked nonsense with my friends during discussion, and when in 3 out of 4 of the tutorials, I did not contribute and get the participation marks. Only at the last tutorial when we had a replacement tutor, she made sure everyone contributed. For my assignments, the first assignment which I spent a week on, I got a B+. The second one which I spent one afternoon and evening on, I got a A-. For the exams, I didn’t really study properly since I was expecting that with a B+ and a A-, I can not put in so much effort and easily get a C and S/U. So it came to be an absolute surprise when I got an A. Especially when I had been telling people I’ll confirm S/U it. This is the same as last semester, when I said I’ll s/u marketing and it came out to be the one I didn’t S/U.

But I missed my 5.0 by a bit. The next highest score I can get is a 5.0, so I’m like the 2nd place guy. I wasn’t happy with my EE2012 Analytical Methods, which I had problems with for half the part. I ended up getting A-, and I’m very disappointed in it.

The other 3 modules gave me pleasant surprises. I was expecting A+ for EE2006 Digital Design, A for EE2009 Signals (I prayed) and A for EE2010 System & Control. I ended up getting A+ for all 3 modules, so I was shocked.

Why couldn’t there be a method to downgrade the A+ and pull the A- to an A? Haha.

People are probably cursing me but it’s normal. It’s just jealousy, really. But I must say I really put in a lot of effort, and anyone who wants to can do the same. It’s just the amount of effort you are willing to put in.

Although I was disappointed, I am ultimately glad for my results. My CAP is now at a cool 4.66. This is the first time I actually wrote about my results for the semester, because I couldn’t care less if people want to use that to justify themselves. I don’t care if they call me a mugger, because different people have different priorities and they should respect that. Besides, what’s the point of showing me that you’re jealous?

Anyway the second disappointment was for today’s IPPT. I failed again and I am seriously very disappointed in myself. There’s no reason to blame the fact that I’m a Guardsmen, but because I am a Guardsmen, I am duty bound to achieve that standard. And there’s no excuses for failure. Hopefully the next cycle I would have improved plenty.

I hope everyone have achieved the results that they aimed for. 🙂

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