Two new sites that I have stumbled upon

I thought I’ll just share with everyone two new sites that I have found whilst surfing the internet. The first one is a bags online shop which I think features plenty of interestingly designed bags, and on first impression, I found the feel of a crumpler bag, only more unique. The second one is this beta software which is free that allows one to add in a live chat in your website.

1) Slow Loris Messenger Bags (>)
This is a Singapore based start up (read: entrepreneurial) that design unique bags. I like how the website is designed, and I like the bag’s design too. They have a blog talking about their bags. One of the posts was talking about the amount of stuff that you can fit into the bag. What I noticed is that all the bags are going for S$182.40, which is roughly the price of a crumpler bag (not mine. Mine is a cheapo one), but it’s pretty worth it since its unique and you can support a start up!

2) Zopim (>)
Zopim is a free live chat software that is under BETA now. Which means it is not fully launched yet. There are probably bugs around, although they should be kept to a minimum by now. I think a live chat software is quite important especially for internet businesses. In a way, during certain times when you are online, you can answer the questions of people who are interested in your products, and the keyword is immediately. The good thing is that it is synonymous with what the web is all about – convenience. If I can, I would add it to an upcoming project that I am working on, and hopefully as the months go by, it’ll be of some use. =)

Update: I am not entirely confirmed that it’s free. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of charges on the site, and there’s a free signup available.

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