June has arrived

June, June, what does June represent to you? For students, June represents the holidays, a break away from the monotony of school life, waking up early and doing homework at night. For some parents, June represents a chance to go on a trip with the kids. For working adults, June is just another month where you work. For cy, June is the month she turned 21. For me, June is just, June.

I used to wait for June to come excitedly, especially since it’s the holidays. The June when I was 14, I went to Tokyo. The June when I was 21, I went to Hokkaido. Now, June is just another month in the calendar. There’s nothing special about it. June is when everybody continues with their life. For June, half the fun is probably in the ICT.

Anyway I attended Cy’s birthday party yesterday. It was just a stone’s throw away from her house. We arrived at 7.30 because we were waiting for a friend, and we’re probably the latest. Didn’t really get to talk to her much since she has plenty of friends, so we had to self entertain. There’s not much people that I really know, so it’s just talking to the same bunch of people and waiting for the time to pass. It’s the 3rd 21st birthday party that I attended, and the first that I was truly invited for being a friend. I mean, invited and attended.

It was a simple affair, buffet style. Everyone got their food, talked amongst ourselves and before we know it, it’s already 10 and it’s cake cutting time. After the cake cutting, we stayed a while for some speeches by her family and the birthday girl, and then we went home after that. I think what matters most is that the birthday girl had fun. After all, it was her day. 🙂

I think it’s great to have many friends. Friends who’ll be there for you, be happy for you, be sad when you’re sad. Come out when you need them to just accompany you. Friends who truly know how you feel, and there’s no need to hide anything.

Gosh. I think I need a beer.

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