The Law of Equivalent Exchange

Been having a little discussion online about the Law of Equivalent Exchange. Sounds familiar? It’s from Full Metal Alchemist. It actually just simply means that when you want to get something, you have to exchange something of an equivalent value. Obviously it doesn’t restrict itself to money, but many other things as well.

Whilst the law is proper, it doesn’t hold true in all cases, even though we consider different value systems, and leading to different prices for the same item that differs from person to person.

Or put it simply, we can say the more you give, the more you can take, although we know perfectly well that in this world we live in, there are people trying to take advantage of you, and hence we put up a barrier, which was a concept brought up by a friend. We hide behind a shell, seeing how other people react to what we give, and whether they give something that’s of an equivalent value as perceived by us. If he gives more, good, if he gives less, then we’ll be wary and not lower the barrier. As such some people remain as acquaintances, while others move on to become good friends, best friends, and even girlfriends/boyfriends and subsequently husband/wife.

Recently I was struggling with myself about such exchanges. You put in plenty of effort, working on a friendship, and you develop expectations. As a good friend of mine put it, the lesser the expectations, the better it is. With high expectations, it’s like a high risk for disappointment.

Sometimes you expect everyone to be treated the same way in a group of friends. But things are not meant to be. Even within a group, there will be better friends and closer friends. No matter how hard one works, sometimes you’re just not up there. As such, just expect nothing and life will be happier.

I’ll be doing the law of equivalent exchange with people who deserve it, not people who don’t.

5 thoughts on “The Law of Equivalent Exchange

  1. not everything can be measured quantitatively. most of the time in relationships, it’s just a gauge, though i do believe the disparity should not remain as something obviously huge. other than that, there’ll be ups and downs on your “balance scale” from time to time.

    just make sure the avg is within tolerable range and it should be good enough. don’t be overly stringent or it’ll be hard to find people. =X

    yay typed lots of random stuff. hope it makes some sense. =P

  2. Lol. Quantitatively. More of what you think is equivalent, which I described by saying not necessary monetary terms.

    The disparity thing reminds me of the Vmax high and Vmax low. Must fit from gate to gate. Haha

  3. well, to compare equivalence, it must be able to be “quantified” by some means. may not be $. could be time, or sth.

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