How I managed to get pissed off on my birthday

I think this is the first time I actually felt pissed off on my birthday. Even during NS, I wasn’t angry. During NS first year, I was running SOC and I failed, but I was ok with it. During the 2nd year, when the clock struck 12, the whole company sang a song for me. So I have never actually had to feel this emotion – anger – before on my birthday, which, to most people, should be a special day of happiness and enjoyment.

My family and I went to the new Safra at Jurong. There’s a newly opened Jack’s Place there and I was craving for nice steak for a very long time. But they actually showed me how a new team is actually inefficient. I wonder if Jack’s Place is a franchise, so the team would definitely be new, instead of a company by itself where they can assign people to different outlets.

The soup came, which was very fast and good. But after the soup we waited 30minutes and the steak didn’t come. My dad asked for the steaks, the waiter went in and didn’t come out to notify us of anything. And then, the soup came, again.

Which is wtf. The waitress was a PRC so her english was really bad. But she managed to get what we meant when we just said it came 30 minutes ago. The waitress went to ask her colleague and asked us if we just ordered. That’s seriously stupid. How the hell did the order get mixed up until it seemed we just ordered?

We got the manager to check on the steaks and it finally came, and that was when I exploded. My family ordered 1 Jacks special steak medium, 3 garlic steak, 2 medium well and 1 well done. What came was 3 garlic steak, 2 medium well and 1 medium and 1 Jacks special steak well done. I couldn’t stand it anymore because it’s already 40+ minutes and this sort of nonsense can still come. So I told them what it was supposed to be and I think they understood my mood. It totally killed my birthday mood and I wasn’t happy even when the correct order came.

The saving grace for the day was when the manager came and asked us about our steaks and apologized for the delay.

But then, another stupid incident came up. Some guy came and asked if he could serve the coffee or tea. Coffee or tea is normally served when we get a set meal. Initially I thought he wanted to give us complimentary coffee for their mistakes. He actually didn’t know we didn’t order a set. I was like “WTF” in my head. Normally you don’t ask about coffee or tea when we didn’t order.

And then, whilst I was drinking my warm water from the cup, the waitress took the plate that’s below the cup. I was having the “HUH” look and then she put it back, realizing her mistake.

I won’t want to go back to Safra’s Jack’s Place anymore. The whole place actually managed to spoil my mood, and dinner was MY HIGHLIGHT of the day. It was the only place I went to today, and they spoilt it. Well done, Jack’s Place.

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