I turn 23

I turn 23 today. It’s just another day in the calendar, nothing really special, just a day where one celebrates being older. As I turn a year older, things change. I’m moving on to the 3rd year in university, a new window for IPPT, and a whole new experience.

I’m actually writing this on the 6th, so I could use wordpress and time it to load exactly when the clock strikes 12.

As I turn older, I find myself relooking at the things in my life; the priorities, the friendship, the feelings about things; my ambition, my studies e.t.c. So much has changed, and so much will change.

The friends you hold dear to your heart, some will stay in your life and make a difference, some will just leave. Some, just seemed to disappear and fade into the surroundings silently, like a disappearing ghost. You make an effort to treat everyone similarly, fairly, but in reality, people will always treat everyone differently. Yet that is only fair, or is it not? I don’t know, and I shouldn’t care. After all, I did my best in trying to be fair. As the chinese saying goes (by wk..thanks 🙂 anyway its in hanyu pinyin cause I can’t save chinese words) ning tian xia ren fu wo, mo wo fu xian xia ren.

I wonder for the one wish I get to make during my birthday, what wish will I make? Last year my uni clique went to watch meteorites and we saw one faint one. I remembered making a wish for my studies and it came true. The chances of seeing a meteorite in the near future seems to be zero since nobody wants to do it again, so there’s no free wish. Haha.

Just a few days ago, I told Jiahao what I probably will wish, but I’m not too sure if I’ll wish that now. It seems like it’s not really high on the priority list.

Updates: I went to enjoy a nice can of Sapporo Beer, and I was watching the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango. It kinda cheered me up a bit. I think I know what I want already.

I hope that I will be more clear about what I want in this coming new year before I turn 24, and I can change myself and be happier most of the time. I shall enjoy my journey as a 23 year old and see what life brings me. 🙂

6 thoughts on “I turn 23

  1. Thanks to people who wished me, in rough order of when I saw it:

    1) Jiahao
    2) Waikit
    3) Dominic
    4) Raizahan (Plt2 man! lol)
    5) Mazin
    6) Nelson
    7) Wanjing
    8) Zong Yao
    9) Pei Xin
    10) Nurfauza
    11) Rina (Yachiru chan)
    12) Deslyn
    13) Joanne

  2. Actually the way you say it sounds strange. That is not the famous chinese saying because it is tombalek. Its impossible to not let down anyone anyway… I’ll be joining you soon, wait for me!

  3. 16) Alan with a birthday song that shocked me when I was sleeping 🙂
    17) Chuan Hui
    18) Qin Qin
    19) Yida
    20) Li Zhen
    21) 3SG Vincent
    22) Aswin
    23) Li Wei
    24) Jeremy James
    25) Mei Hui
    26) Theodore
    27) Feng Fu
    28) Ruisong
    29) Francis
    30) Yating
    31) Jun Hao
    32) Ko ko
    33) Taiman
    34) Sgt James
    35) Guo Hong
    36) Adrian
    37) CFC Si Wei (my section 2ic)
    38) Cynthia
    39) Lynda
    40) Yu Hui

    and the others who I’ve forgotten to write that wish me during ICT, thank you very much!

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