ICT of 740 GDS

I’ve just completed my first ICT of 740 GDS today and I must say that ICT is not slack at all! ICT for Guards is a very sick thing even though there were some periods of time we were waiting for things to happen outfield. Just on Thursday alone, we went out at 7.30am and reached camp on Friday 1am!

The men had more rest time in between activities, and they can lie on their bed and sleep for periods of time but I have been going for meetings and taking instructions and doing a lot of things. But overall it was not really that physically draining. However, who goes for an 8km combat march in the first ICT?

All along we heard stories of how the ICT is a very slack event. People playing cards in the bunk etc. But it’s totally not like that especially for commanders.

The 8km combat march is the most physically draining affair. After about 2 and a half years of not doing army related stuff, I was plunged into full battle order and we walked for 1+ hours just for 1 km. I seriously do not believe that it was 8km. It may be 8km on map distance, but the physical distance you walk up slope and down slope just means we walk longer. Plus for the first 4 km we were walking near fast march pace.

Overall I’ve learnt that we all were seriously unfit, but the reason why we could all continue on without dropping out is because we’ve been conditioned not to. Lennard, who from the day I knew him wanted to OOC from GCC and fall out from ICT, didn’t OOC and didn’t fall out. The 84 cmdrs, KH, Jasper and Kwa also walked on with their 84 guns and manpacks and completed the whole march.

The company ended up being the best in every segment possible, but we weren’t rewarded with anything from our superiors at B HQ. In fact, the B HQ didn’t seem to understand the men at all, and I think they all should try a section commander stint to get to understand what the men and specialists want in reality. Despite all the nonsense from HQ, I think we all will come back again even though we said we wouldn’t want to. This is because of the deep friendships we have forged over the years, and will continue to forge. A relationship that isn’t just about being acquainted with other people, but about knowing that they will walk the distance with you, complaining together, but still walking, and supporting you along the way. Knowing that they truly care and will want the best for you. Knowing that you will want the best for them.

It’s the little things that says so much. How my previous section took lunch for me even though I am no longer their sect comd but their Plt Sgt. How we just laugh at simple things. How we will just go the extra mile to take the 100plus for our men even though we are already very shag out. How among the ba long long-ness we all managed to survive well. How that when someone’s feet swelled, he still continued to walk and kept on going. About my section 2ic who stills calls me sgt kenneth during civilian days, and how he actually bought a can of 100 plus for me and his section when we were out for training. How we did not care that there’s no distinction between specs and men when we sit down during field training. How a very special group of people just took the bedsheets down without me needing to assign duties.

I have changed my opinion about many people during the ICT. I was very impressed with my group of specialists, my co-ps and the section commanders and my MG cmdr. We’re all different, but we make a great team. I think I learnt a lot this ICT, and I’m glad I was there.

6 thoughts on “ICT of 740 GDS

  1. Alan Phua likes this!

    Alpha surely did very well during this ICT and i am proud of every single one of the men and wished that i could have been there to share the success of Rawdy coy.

    My skin may be HQ now but my blood will forever flow with Rawdy blood.

    Take care bro and i surely miss going outfield with you, kpkb-ing abt the tiny army things like how the rations taste like shit and the magical coloured water of the cookhouse.

    haha 🙂

    See you at biz camp! 🙂

  2. Haiz rations. That’s next year! They should just convert it to many oreo biscuits and nice milo or coffee drinks.

    But this ICT made me realize how much I’ve changed into a civilian. When I’m outfield, I keep wishing for civilian drinks like Coke and 100 plus. Haha. Even the magically coloured water tastes so good.

  3. A quick Google search on 740 Guards landed me on this article… Written 6 years ago!

    Well 740 is in the thick of action for our 7th ICT and its ATEC Stage 2 now… How time really flies!

    The battalion has matured and its amazing how time literally stands still in ITI. Our bodies maybhave aged but the people are still the same. 🙂

    Wish that you’ve been well bro!

    1. Haha if you didn’t comment, I wouldn’t have remembered I ever wrote this. 6 years is a long time. I was pleasantly surprised that 740 was best guards unit and part of me felt a little sad that I wasn’t there to be part of this honour. Soon everyone would have completed all ict cycles and go into MR. While I still have 8 cycles to go if I ever quit. Haha.

      I have been good, hope you are doing well too! Enjoy ict while it lasts. The friendship bond that binds all of us together till this day is something that is worth going back for.

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