We should all adopt an open mindset

I’m starting to feel that we should all adopt open mindsets. Question what the previous generations have taught us. Are they correct? Or are they mere biased? Or is it that with the generations, things change, and our mentality towards certain issues must change? For if we remain on the spot, how are we ever to progress?

Entrepreneurs challenge the norms. Ask questions. Find holes and plug them. Go via the unconventional way, the way where no one has gone, and bring change. Then, life becomes better.

I realized I changed a lot as the years went by. I read more books and gained a whole lot of new perspective. Back in the older days your elders tell you never to touch stocks. They speak of people who burnt their fingers playing on the stock markets. But this is not true. I eventually learnt that as long as you gain the knowledge to analyse stocks such that you do not speculate, and have a long term investment horizon, the risks of holding stocks decrease over the years.

Another thing is that we were brought up in an environment that we have this subconscious believe that we cannot earn our friends money. In a way when you offer to do something special, people expect you to do it for free, and if you take a little bit of commission for your effort in helping make everyone’s lives easier, they then rate you and relegate you to a lower ranking. But I ask WHY? Why must this be so. This is stifling entrepreneurship. Making it hard to develop ideas and carry them out because society rates you differently. Yet, most of the time we start by going to our friends for support.

So sometimes I keep hitting these walls that were built and deserved to be demolished, yet we feel powerless to demolish because all of our friends are like that. But once we jump over the wall, we find our other friends who have already jumped, and they have also progressed on with their lives. So take some time to question those beliefs that you have, and see if they still apply to the current generation. Talk more with people, because different ideas may come in, and may the better idealogy win.

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