Simple pleasures, only if you know how to be grateful

I chanced upon a young man today at the MRT station. He was walking with this limp on his leg. His feet was in an awkward position, which to me seemed to be in great pain. Yet he walked on steadily like a normal commuter, and there I was slightly irritated with my shoes for cutting into my left ankle.

Sometimes we fail to realize that in life, there’s always someone who’s less better off than us. They have their own sets of problems to face, and some have problems that, when inflicted on us, render us feeling lost and vulnerable. Yet they continue to face life and walk on the path that they were meant to walk.

Sometimes when we feel down or demoralized, just remember that there have been others which walked the same path as us and endured it through, and some emerged stronger. Whether we walk out of it depends on how much we can endure, and if all else fails, just simply remember that there are others less fortunate than us. Be happy and grateful, and live our life properly.

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