Love Shuffle


I’ve just finished watching this very nice JDrama, which I categorise to my favourites list for it’s good and unique plot. It’s along the lines of Code Blue and Nodame, which are very good dramas which only come out rarely. Most JDramas entertain, but they don’t hit the favourites list because their plot isn’t that strong. But Love Shuffle is totally different from what I’ve seen so far.

Four different people, who live on the same floor but never met, happened to meet in the lift and it got stuck. They made friends after introducing each other, and the first episode was on leading the main character nicknamed Usatan to the concept of Love Shuffle. Basically, each of the four, Usatan, Aiai, O chan and Kikurin have to bring a partner each into the game so it’ll be 4 guys and 4 girls. The idea is simple, like it’s name. Basically they shuffle partners every week, so everyone will get one week of time with 4 people from the opposite sex. So at the 4th week, they shuffle back to their original partners.

It is not necessary that the couples be attached. Usatan brought in Mei, who is his fiance. They have been having some problems so Mei was the only who wanted to join, though Usatan didn’t. Aiai brought in her boyfriend. O chan brought a friend and Kikurin brought his mentally disturbed patient.

What follows is 8 weeks of shuffling around. Yes, the Love Shuffle is conducted for 2 rounds since there wasn’t a clear conclusion after the first. Through the different experiences that they have, each and everyone began to learn more about themselves and what makes them attractive to the other person, and in the end they find out whether their original choice was the right one. The ending was that everyone shuffled after learning who they are more attracted to.

What I find enjoyable in the show was how they experienced different things and grew to know themselves more. And the process of coming to terms that you fell for a new person who’s more suited for you. I find the love between O chan and the mentally disturbed patient very touching.

In short, it’s a great drama to watch if you haven’t done so.

4 thoughts on “Love Shuffle

  1. -spies TAMAKI in pic-

    ohyesyummy i’ll watch this once i’m done with gossip girls 😛

    heh i didn’t know you’re a nodame fan as well! everyone says it’s just… alright.

  2. How can you not know! I thought I got talk to you about Nodame before.

    Uso datte ita yo! JOE~

    Please watch it. It’s totemo ii desu. 🙂

    Tara chanz!

  3. uso ja nai. haha or maybe i have really short memory.
    yeah! i will. but i’m not even finishing season 1 of gossip girls. it’s going to be a long wait.
    ohyes i’ll be going to praha to fulfil my long-hidden nodame fantasy. run around and eat food with chiaki senpai. wahahah only difference is that no chiaki senpai.

  4. No chiaki senpai how to run and eat food with him? lol..

    anyway watch love shuffle la. its only 10 episodes. Confirm you’ll like it one. There’s this girl that I think looks a little like jessica liu leh. lol

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