New York New York: Outing with JC friends

I had a long awaited outing with my JC friends today. Some of them had been thinking about going for the New York New York challenge, which involves finishing up an 8 inch burger surrounded by large sized fries. If you manage to finish the challenge, the dish is free. It costs $32.90 if my memory did not fail me. We had been postponing this outing for ages because some friends are busy with their own stuff, and it was really very hard to get all of them to commit to a single timing.

Thankfully we did manage to settle on a timing just a few days before, and so after “work” today at noon, I went down to City Hall to meet them. We settled down in New York New York, and I had a prime location. I was facing the traffic flow out of the restaurant, and I can see who walked past. Needless to say the scenery was pleasant.

The New York New York challenge came with conditions, though. There was a time limit of 1 hour, and nobody is allowed to help eat (DUH). But if one manages to finish the challenge, an extra free drink of his choice is thrown in.

Jiahao decided to take up the challenge whilst Dominic and I opted for a normal main course. Zong Yao and Waikit decided to wait and see how large the portions are before they commit themselves. When Jiahao’s large dish appeared, it looked very sick. Sick as in it’s HUGE. In the end the both of them decided not to take the challenge, and changed their dish to a meat platter for 2.

Even Jiahao, who is the biggest and fastest eater in our clique, didn’t finish the meal within the time stipulated. In fact, we left a huge wad of fries there when we left. The fries had became stale after the long duration, and the whole dish was so oily that Jiahao grew sick of eating it. Therefore our challenge had failed.

It was fun though, and enjoyable. It was good to meet up with them after so long, even though we talk everyday on MSN.

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