Young Charmaine needs USD$350,000 for treatment due to Cancer

It isn’t everyday that you hear stories like this. A young girl that got cancer, and needs the funds to go for treatment. The amount is jaw dropping. A whole USD$350,000. That’s a huge sum of money. It is about half a million dollars. Tell me, whoever has that much cash stored to meet up with this sort of crisis?

Now I’m sure you all know that I’ve been learning about insurance for the past few months. And after learning and thinking about my ownself, I have only thought about getting $200,000 for such critical illnesses. And I’m sure that most Singaporeans who have the standard mentality that insurance is a scam, or that agents are cheaters will have less than that amount. It is almost definite that when such an event happens, very few people in Singapore would be covered enough to absorb such fees.

Hence what I am trying to say that this is a very big sum of money, above what I would expect to pay if I had critical illnesses myself. I am really stunned by the amount. Nobody would be able to cope with such fees unless you happen to be rich already. Furthermore, it seems that USD$350,000 is only a deposit. The horrors!

Anyway, I think that we could all afford to not spend a little money this month, and help to contribute to the fund raising. You can donate money or you can help in other means. For the homepage: click.

Sometimes when one gives, one receives more. Let’s start today.

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