I had an enjoyable Minds Outing

Yesterday was the 2nd time I did something I wouldn’t have done if it was the old me. I went out with Yap Heng’s friends. Meaning people I don’t really know or haven’t met before. It was the second time that I went to the Minds Cafe, but I think the second time was much more fun. There were more people and they are all fun to be with.

For this week I made many new friends, all from chem engine in my year. I met Bee Hui and Amanda for badminton on Monday (together with Yap Heng) and then yesterday at Minds Cafe, I met Wendy, Melissa and Lydia. Amanda came too and she couldn’t recognise me. Said I look kiddish on Monday, which I agree. Gel is such a wonderful thing to have when you cut your hair short.

Minds was really fun. It’s a good time to bond, although there wouldn’t have been much conversation other than occasional poking fun at each other and laughing out loud. How we all got forgetful after needing to memorise more than 7 actions; sleazy Amanda (super unforgettable); Lydia who seemed to be a miner at times and a saboteur at other times; Wendy and Amanda the 3 times saboteur (in the same team) out of 4 times we played that game.

It feels good, like one is young again (like 23 is that old..lol) when we go out with friends or make new friends and laugh and have fun. I’m really glad Yap Heng tried to widen my social circle. My social circle in uni is really too small, and everyone seemed to not really bother. It feels like you’re in the middle of separation. lol.

I think I would like to go out with them again. The bunch of chem engineers seemed more fun than EE people. Haha.

6 thoughts on “I had an enjoyable Minds Outing

  1. perhaps then you would like to transfer to chem engg. but then again, stay where you are. too many cap-fighters there already.

    eh, yapheng don’t have any chem eng guy friends ah.

  2. lol.. i go there sure lose to your goddess one..

    hmm..i forgot to blog about leong wei. hahahaha.. but I knew leong wei from the Great Eastern internship program, so its not considered new friends. lol

  3. you know the people you’ve met are ALL my goddesses it’s just that i’m a little partial to beehui 😛

  4. All? Wendy, Lydia and Melissa also? You have too many goddesses already la! Its so easy to become a goddess la.. its ok. I’m contented with being death god. Haha..

    I think if you sing the put put song right, you’ll become your own goddess. haha. esp if you dance to the song in the middle of Orchard road. You’ll be my goddess then. hahaha

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