Today @ Ubin




Just to test if my blog settings have successfully been changed to allow for Japanese and Chinese characters. I went to Tampines this morning and met some new friends. Some of them I have already known either recently or previously, like Leong Wei from GE IP6, and Wendy and Bee Hui, the chem engineers. Bee Hui brought a guy who’s her RV friend, and he’s going to electrical engineering this coming academic year! I have another junior!

The Ubin trip was fun, but it wasn’t ideal because of the rain. It rained very heavily and we were forced to seek shelter. The moment we had shelter, the rain lessened. When we left to go back to the jetty, it rained again. We then decided to have lunch, and during that period of time, the rain stopped.

Lunch was zi char style with lemon chicken, sweet and sour pork, spicy kang kong and salted vegetables soup, with rice. The auntie took very long to come and get our order, and they took very long to cook it too.

But when we decided to cycle to the west side of Pulau Ubin, it rained again. We took shelter, and the rain lessened. We went out again, and the rain started. We sought shelter and after some time the rain abated. The rained seemed to have some problems with us.

Although the whole trip was “ruined” by the rain, and I ended up having cold and white feet since my shoes are totally drenched, I still find the outing fun. It is because I met new people and had a great time even when I wasn’t hanging out with my usual friends. This shows how fun it can be to meet new people, and that fun doesn’t have to occur amongst friends that you’ve known for some time.

I’m really glad that I went in the end, even though I was a little apprehensive. 🙂

But if anyone wants to go to Ubin, I suggest just buying Nasi Lemak at Changi Village. When you reach Chek Jawa, you can have the nice nasi lemak lunch. Cheap, good and you don’t have to wait for half an hour before the auntie comes to take your order.

4 thoughts on “Today @ Ubin

  1. God of Rain dun like you, unless God of 4D/Toto got problem with God of Rain, you won’t tio 4D also.

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