Celebrating Jiahao’s birthday

Ok I guess it wasn’t so much as to celebrating Jiahao’s birthday. More like we took the occasion to go out and have a common dinner together and we all just paid for our own share. That’s the way my clique has functions and that’s the best way because we’re fair to everyone. No one has any special thing, and we just come out and have some fun talking and joking together.

We went to Le Le Pot at Tiong Bahru, a $19 steamboat buffet that allowed you to have 2 different soups. The sad thing was you can’t change soups so you have to decide on the two you’ll really use. I thought it would have been great if they could provide more, but I guess it means they have to change the steamboat, so it isn’t really very feasible either. Haha.

The steamboat was quite ordinary, I would say. The usual type of food, the different kinds of balls including a salmon ball that just tasted like sotong ball to me. And we had a LOT of meat. Or zong had a lot of meat. I guess the best thing was the meat already. The rest are quite cheap stuff like tofu, tau pok, veggie.

In the middle of dinner we were quite thirsty as the whole meal was rather salty, and we started dreaming of slurpee at 7-11 next door.

And it was quite hot actually in there, the air con should be better since all the steamboats is contributing to a built up in heat.

But overall it was quite an enjoyable dinner outing with friends. It’s great to try new place and see how things are. I’m quite happy that my NJ clique met up for meals occasionally and we will try our best to find dates where we are free to come out and eat. We’ll all put in the effort to come out and meet up and I think that is rather precious.

I love my NJ friends.

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