A sinful day

Today was a sinful day. I had an absolutely delightful lunch and dinner and both are Jap related foods. For lunch I went to Ramen Santouka at Central. I have been wanting to go there for a very long time but friends are mindful of its cost, so I haven’t went there for a long time. Before I show the photos, I would just like to say that I’m a person who don’t mind spending a bit of money on food that I think is worth it. I don’t like it when people give that stupid expression like I’m filthy rich to spend the money especially when it comes from people who are less frugal than me. So if there’s any comments about the costs, you can keep it to yourself.


Firstly the nice egg. It’s an extra 1 dollar, and I ordered it because I’ve been seeing how other blogs seemed to praise it to the heavens. Well it’s a very nice egg. It’s soft and fluffy, if that’s the correct word to describe it. However I would prefer my eggs otherwise. It is still a great egg, but it just so happens I have a greater preference for more solid eggs, or harder eggs.


This, and the noodle in miso shiru that I ordered, is packaged together. It costs 19.50 for the set, and if I spent some effort going down to Central to hunt this stall down, I think I should just be done with it and order the thing that it is most famous for. The charsiew is famous for the melt in your mouth tagline that everyone keeps saying, so I had to try it. Indeed it is a praiseworthy charsiew that’s damn good. It’s soft and its easy to chew. You can just feel the meat separating in your mouth.


The miso shiru noodle was great. The noodles are nothing like Ajisan’s. Ajisan’s ramen got to be one of the lousiest although their soup is great. This noodle reminds me of the time I actually went to Hokkaido. The soup is salty but it’s a great soup to drink. I nearly finished it but I didn’t because the spoon couldn’t scoop enough soup and I didn’t want to bring the bowl to my mouth.


For dinner I went to a place in Vivocity. It’s a place where you can order raw meat and grill it. Here’s the grill. For dinner my family ordered the Wagyu beef set and it’s super good. It satisfied my hunger for beef that just simply gives you some juice in your mouth. I had wanted that feeling last month on my birthday, but stupid Jack’s place spoilt it for me. But this place simply rocks. Even the chicken sausage has the cheese like feeling that comes out when you bite into it.


I must apologise for the quality of the photo. The lighting was really dim and I was afraid of affecting others so I turned my flash off. My camera isn’t that good quality to help me adjust the lighting, but my sister’s one is good enough so she took all the other photos. I must say that my trusty camera is now old, just like me. I think I should utilize my camera more else I’m not getting enough bang for my buck.

Today is a sinful day where I cleared two of my cravings in one day. But I am very happy. After having today’s dinner, I suddenly had this thought. I want to be able to bring my family out for dinners like this especially when my parents are retired, and have everyone eat happily without needing to worry about the cost. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A sinful day

  1. BRO!

    You will not believe it, the law of attraction works! I was just discussing Ramen Santouka with a friend on Thursday evening….and we both are realllly keen on trying out the place..

    lo and behold, when i read ur blog today…..u ate Ramen Santouka!


    Coincidence? Or simply the law of attraction? Hahha

    How was the noodles? Worth the money?


  2. Haha. It’s worth the try! The soup is great. Sure finish drinking one if you’re a ramen fan. No other place in Singapore as of now beats Ramen Santouka. I wanted to go Tampines One to try too. Supposedly got an authentic Jap store there. Then see which one better. But if you go, please eat the char siew. Haha.

  3. Bro….

    I tasted heaven today and i bought what you got…

    OMGWTHRAMENBBQ! The soup was soooooooooooooo gooood i justhad to finish it all up!


    Although the meal did burn a Delicious hole in my pocket….hahah



  4. Haha it’s good! But after that I was quite thirsty…Haha.. I think its a very worth it thing to try it at least once. I think I’m starting to live to eat..haha

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