Binbo Danshi


Recently I began to watch this comedy drama called Binbo Danshi. In english, it just means the poor man. The lead character Kazumi (acted by Oguri Shun) is this really stupid idiot who started off lending money to everyone who needs it. He treats everyone for meals even when people offered to pay. How did he finance this expenditure? He borrowed money from the loan company. In a way this is fitting since I am reading up on finance related stuffs this holiday.

When he discovered that he had owed a million yen, he got a huge shock of his life. He just got accepted into a company and if the company learns of this, he would be fired. With this problem, he went to make a loan to this rich man nicknamed Omuomu who loaned him the 1 million dollars. In this way, the loan company can be repaid and the loan company will not go to his company.

Over the few episodes, he actually returned the 1 million dollars, but had to reborrow the money due to stupid reasons. Even when he returned the 1 million in the end, he continued to borrow a larger sum of money to help this guy that he knew. Although he is a stupid idiot, he is actually very cheerful and helpful, and changed the lifes of the people around him.

This drama gave me some things to think about.

Firstly, debt is a very bad thing. When you add in insanely high interest rates, the money can never be returned. Sometimes when you just happen to spend and spend without checking your credit card debt, you can rake up a huge bit of money which is extremely hard to repay.

Secondly, there is a story narrated by Omuomu. He cares about money the most, more than human relations because of this girl he loved. The girl worked hard and supported him whilst he was studying to go into law school. Eventually his girlfriend needed money for an operation, and the poor him had no money. His girlfriend passed away due to him being poor and then he worked hard to have a lot of money. I felt upset because I do not ever want to end up in a situation where I have no money to give my loved ones the operation that they need. In this world today, money is really an important thing. It is always better to have the money to afford the best medical treatment, than to have no money and watch your loved one die in front of you. Even Kazumi had the same problem when he was young. His elder brother died of an illness and even young Kazumi took out his piggy bank to save his brother, but the brother passed on before Kazumi had the chance to give his mother the piggy bank.

Binbo Danshi, although a comedy, actually has many lessons of life regarding money. It is always important to learn about money and how to have effective money management.

3 thoughts on “Binbo Danshi

  1. haha cause I give u something to think about? and the something is “can have so much gan chu one meh?” hahaha

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