I kept going for courses lately and they belong in two broad categories. One is for my Great Eastern Life Planner Training, and the other is to fulfill my desire to understand more on the stock market. Hence I was having a busy and albeit sometimes fruitful and sometimes unfruitful way of spending my time.

For Great Eastern I have been clearing 3 courses. I cleared on last Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s called Life Planner Excellence Advancement Programme 1 (LEAP 1). Another one on last Thursday and Friday I had the Sales Advisory Practices to ensure that we don’t mis-sell. Given the climate now that the DBS High Notes 5 screwed up so badly, it is important to sell plans to people who actually have a use for it, and is suitable for them.

Then I just completed the 2 day course today called Life Planner Excellence Advancement Programme 2 (LEAP 2). The second day is really boring because different departments came to give talks about how they are supporting the agents etc. I think some stuff can be self-read.

Last saturday I went for the Technical Analysis course for stocks and today I went to attend the free seminar preview on the Millionaire Investors Programme which is focused on the Warren Buffett method, which is value investing. I really do believe in it because it makes sense, and it has been tried and tested by the 2nd richest man in the world. However the cost of the full 3 day course is too steep for a student, so I didn’t sign up. It costs about $3000 for the 3 day course. No doubt that it would be extremely useful, but maybe next time.

Nonetheless I still have great admiration and respect for Mr Buffett. I would want to read up more about him and get more knowledge on my own first. It really feels great to have a long term dream and goal to look forward to. I will achieve my dreams and life will be greater.

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