Celeb To Binbo Taro


I’ve just finished watching this very entertaining JDrama titled “Celeb To Binbo Taro”, which actually means Celebrity And Poor Taro. Taro is the name of the guy who’s very poor. His own wife died, leaving him with 3 kids. His kids are all very adorable and obedient, and are easily contented and optimistic when all they may eat are bread crumbs from the local bakery. He tries hard to work and earn money, but it is always only enough to pay part of the bills.

The celebrity in the title is Alice-san, the 23 year old fashion designer born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has never lived poorly, and always has good meals. She lives in a hotel suite and she is worth 7 trillion yen. She has two people waiting on her full time and hires Taro as her driver one day.

What happens is the journey of getting to know Taro better and seeing how he lives. No matter whether he has money for food or not, his family is always happy and optimistic. Throughout the whole drama, a side topic is on Alice’s own previous love story and it links to the crux of the entire drama, when her parent’s company got took over by someone else and she becomes Binbo Alice.

Even then, Taro is still like a friend trying to support her and tries ways and means to think of how to get the money back for Alice. He ends up, expectedly, falling for her.

I liked this drama because I find it heart warming. The plot may not be a very solid plot, but it is already better than some station’s dramas. It is the process of having a rich girl learning many things like how to say thank you even for simple things like Asako’s (the chicken) egg every morning, as well as learning to get adjusted to poverty. Maybe it is the process where you get to understand each other better, get involved in each other’s lives, and suddenly finding that you’re worried about each other, that is the sweetest thing to me.

Maybe it just seems like a fairy tale and we all need fairy tales from time to time. But in reality, YES fairy tales can come true.

YES WE CAN. (Hmm..Only people who watched it can understand why I wrote it)

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