The problem isn’t painful enough

We are all humans and humans complain. We whine about this and whine about that and we blame almost everyone but ourselves. We blame the train when we are late, but we never realize we could have just took the earlier one and there’ll always be a margin of safety. We blame the professor when we cannot understand a concept, when actually we are the ones responsible for our own learning.

Don’t you think that it gets irritating after some point in time when we continue to whine?

However, humans seem to be made to whine as a destress mechanism, so that we can unload all the stuff that’s pent up in ourselves for so long, and we won’t explode after having so much bottled up. The problem with this is that it allows us to be inefficient and get away with it by blaming others. As time goes by, we just get used to all these excuses, as I call it, that we just become unsuccessful. And we continue the vicious cycle by blaming other people.

What I see it is that the problem that we face isn’t painful enough for us to do something about it. We are just contented with sticking to the same kind of life, facing the same problem although we don’t like it. Just that the amount of dislike we have for the problem isn’t big enough to force us to change and adapt to the situation.

What I think we should do is to always reflect constantly and make sure we can do our best in all situations. Instead of blaming others and whining about our situation, we should change our situation and make life better for us. If everyone of us could be this dynamic, I think we would become a potent force. The problem is just that the majority is happy to remain as they are. Well I guess this is the same problem faced by many countries too.

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