Time to start thinking of the future

The future never seemed entirely real and I never saw the need to prepare for it. In the past, I’ve always bumped around in schools, getting acceptable grades and moving on, without actually knowing what exactly I want to do. This is probably a similar experience that many Singaporean undergraduates feel. Many of us just go through the education system and pass it, but the education system does not really allow you to discover your potential or discover your interest in any area.

As such, no one actually knows what their goal in life is. Where do they want to work? What do they want to work as? Slowly as time passes I began to think about all these questions and find myself again. What do I really want to work as and where? How do I want to contribute to society?

Engineering, a boring faculty to outsides. People tend to think engineers are boring people who fiddle with equations and keep working on circuits, as in the case for an electrical engineer. People have better recognition of those who are in the medical field. Doctors, lawyers, etc. The profession that people will aspire to become. No one seemed to want to become an engineer.

But engineering is not boring. Engineering is as crucial as medicine and law will be. The state of comfort we all live in now are all powered by technology created by these wonderful people called engineers. The laptop that we use, the mp3 that lets us listen to our favourite songs, a house that won’t fall because the wolf blows on it, wireless internet, in flight entertainment systems, going from places to places in a car or an aeroplane, is all due to the magnificent work that engineers have done since the beginning of time.

Engineering is a professional job and it is important for us to continually have engineers to improve our lives. In the future, I want to contribute to this world by helping make people’s lives more comfortable. At the same time, I want to enjoy my life. I want to work for a company with good perks that I will end up using. I want to be groomed to take over management. I want to manage my team to improve on ourselves all the time, whether I end up in an engineering department or not.

In the future, people will be travelling on aeroplanes more frequently. People are starting to enjoy their lives by wanting to go overseas every year for a short vacation. Globalisation has resulted in companies going overseas to source for new opportunities. It is through one type of company where a pleasant journey begins, whether for business or pleasure.

In the future, safety on aeroplanes would be a default requirement. People will not sit on planes that have accidents. A near 0 track record will be necessary and possible. As such, what can one improve on other than safety? I want to make things more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone taking the aeroplane out or into the country. Since the aeroplane is the beginning of a happy journey, I want to make sure people will be comfortable and happy during the flight.

In a way, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is like the face of Singapore. When people come to Singapore for business or for a vacation, we want them to enjoy their stay here. The first impression of Singapore that they can possibly get is when they sit on an SIA flight to Singapore. If the journey here isn’t enjoyable, their first impression would be ruined and the journey won’t end up with everyone feeling happy.

Hence I think that working in SIA is quite a meaningful job to have. Whether you work as customer service, or as the baggage check in attendant, or the air steward/stewardess, or you’re the one doing up the in flight entertainment system, you contribute to a safe and enjoyable flight by the customer. I think I will love such a job. I really hope that I will end up there, and I hope I’ll be given opportunities to be groomed into management and have job rotation every few years. I hope to go through every different aspect of the flight experience, and make things work. I want to say I’m proud of my job. I want to take vacations each year on the flight that I helped improve, and I want people to praise SIA and through that praise Singapore.

There are many many things that need to be done before I can reach that part of my life’s journey, but I’m taking a step at a time, working towards that goal. I hope that one day I will be able to write here on this blog that I’ve accomplished my goals, and I’m proud to be working in my company. I hope they will recognize my talent and that I can contribute for a greater sense of fulfilment.

Life is great because of the goals one has, and because it is actually possible to achieve all in life that we desire.

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