Yes I know health is important, but…

I was just having a discussion with my friends yesterday night, and I was being the usual motivated and super positive self. In fact I was brimming with enthusiasm and ambition that I wanted to infect everyone with it. I just wanted to discuss something that came up last night, and I’m not going to push my views on anyone. I’m just going to state what I just generally think.

Whenever people talk about money, we always end up with this one sentence that can be expressed in many different ways. The crux of the sentence is:

Health is more important than wealth. If you’re not healthy, then there’s no point in being rich.

Of which I wanted to scream and shout and protest.

I think health should be a given. Personally if I have such ambitious dreams, I want to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labour. But that is not the point. The point I wanted to make is that we have always been so brainwashed in our heads that money is bad. You don’t believe?

Why do we call someone filthy rich? Filthy is a negative word. Why don’t we call them wonderfully rich?

Why do we call a rich man a bastard? Why do we always think that rich men are rich because they are scheming shits who con money out of loyal hardworking people?

To put it simply, we have always been negative about other people’s success. When someone gets good grades, we call them a mugger. Nerd. Only know how to study. A rich man’s son is a spoilt brat. A rich man is a bastard. Someone with low morals.

But is that true? I want to challenge that notion. Being rich is a perfectly normal thing that you and I can attain. We can become rich, but we shouldn’t set ourselves up for potential failure by giving excuses to say why it’s alright that we cannot be rich. By repeating negative things about being rich, we are subconsciously telling ourselves that, “Hey, being rich is something bad. I don’t really want to be rich anyway”.

Back to the health statement, I think that should be taken for granted. Almost everyone understands that being healthy is important so that we can enjoy wealth. It’s not really a new argument or point of view anymore. We shouldn’t say things like “I rather be healthy than rich”. Why should we do that? Why can’t we be “both healthy and rich”? Reach out to the skies for more. Ask, and it shall be given (like in Proposal JDrama).

When you really want something, the universe will serve it on a platter for you.

So I think being healthy is a given. Anyway health and wealth are not two mutually exclusive things that you can have one or the other but not both. Health and wealth can co-exist peacefully. It’s not like we get to tell God that we can choose between health and wealth. God is not that petty. He can and will give you both if you know how to ask.

Some people have this opinion: “I just want to be healthy. I don’t need to be rich”. Well that is a perfectly fine statement and opinion. In fact, there is nothing wrong in this statement. Everyone has a choice of how they want to live their lives. But can I just put a little idea into your head now? Why don’t we just aim to become rich? After all, though simple living is all right, there’s no harm having more money isn’t it? You can donate to your favourite charity, start your own foundation (like what I am planning to do). You can create scholarships and encourage more Singaporean talents. You can donate to cancer research. You can build a hospital. You can build schools in poor 3rd world country. Donate books. There are so many reasons why you should become rich. No one says you have to become rich for yourself. You should not need to feel guilty thinking about being rich.

But if you continue thinking that “I don’t need to be rich”, you’ll never be rich. Because you have programmed your mind to think that rich is something that you don’t need. Personally for me, I need to be rich. There are so many things I want to do. I want to set up my own foundation, for what I still have no idea. Maybe I shall donate to education. Maybe to medicine research. I’ll see what gives me the most satisfaction. Maybe I would encourage more local entrepreneurs. Maybe I will build homes in poorer countries. Maybe I’ll fund students on overseas CIP trips. There are so many reasons the world is telling me for me to want to become rich.

This is reaching the end of my lengthy post, and I hope I have given you some food for thought. It is all right to keep your own views about not needing to be rich. It is not wrong and never will be. But I hope you’ll just think about it, and decide for yourself whether I make sense or not. But if you think I make sense, and you resonate with me, do drop me a comment. I like to make more friends who desire to achieve the greatest success in the world.

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