Aoba Ramen @ Ion Orchard


Hungry yet?


Delicious thick ramen from Aoba @ Ion Orchard.

I’ve been wanting to try out stalls that claim to have originated from Japan directly, because the number of real ramen stalls in Singapore can be counted with only my left hand. In fact, before this month, I didn’t eat any ramen (maybe because I didn’t hear of any good places) that managed to make me impressed and agree that it is as delicious as the one I had in Japan.

The last one I went was Ramen Santouka, which was very delicious and the first Singapore store that I ate which blew my mind away. Ramen Santouka is arguably the best ramen I ever tasted. Today I had the fortune to taste Aoba, a 2nd ramen stall which is also certified by me to be of a good quality like real Japanese ramen.

The traditional ramen stalls in Singapore are probably changed to suit the Singapore tastebuds. For example, Ajisen (who brought in Aoba) isn’t a great ramen stall. It’s soups are good, I agree, but the noodle isn’t that fantastic to me. Maybe it’s ramen from another area of Japan, I would not really know that until I tasted it in Japan.

But Aoba is not bad at all. I like the shoyu soup so much I finished it again like Ramen Santouka’s. Except they didn’t make me as thirsty as Ramen Santouka’s Miso flavour soup.

The meat was lesser than Ramen Santouka’s, and it may be why it’s about 3 bucks cheaper. They also come with an egg, which Ramen Santouka didn’t have. The noodles are fat and chewy, not like those other stalls that seem to have cooked instant noodles instead.

But overall I think I will rank Ramen Santouka above Aoba. The char siew in Ramen Santouka was simply mind blowing compared to Aoba’s. Aoba was also slow in its service to me. The bowl of ramen took too long to cook, and it seemed too crowded. However Aoba is still a great place to go if you want to try all sorts of ramen just like me. 🙂

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