Attention Please


I’ve recently watched Attention Please, a drama about cabin attendants, or air stewardess as most of us would be familiar with. I watched this drama after I set my goal to get into SIA, and it has further given me an insight into the airline industry, although it may only be a slight insight.

This story is about this boyish girl called Misaki Youko, who decides to be a cabin attendant because the guy she likes commented that he would like to see her in the uniform. However he didn’t really mean it, but Misaki took it very seriously and went to join Japan Airlines. She was initially very unsuited to be a cabin attendant, and she meets a very capable and responsible instructor Mikami who would rather fail her than allow her to fly without proper training.

Mikami always asks an important question, “What does it mean to you to be a cabin attendant”. Everytime she asked that in the drama, I would ask myself “What does it mean to me to be an engineer in the SIA”, and I would have more and more answers telling me why it would mean much to me to be an engineer there.

Back to the drama, Misaki has totally no idea why she wants to be a cabin attendant, and has no idea what being a cabin attendant truly means. When she finds out that the guy she likes is cohabiting with another lady, she feels miserable. Mikami told her to take a look at her own failure. Misaki didn’t want to lose, so she continued with the program.

Along the way, Misaki matured a great deal, learning about the airline industry along the way. She recognizes that the engineers put in much effort, and that it is a very serious job. She ended up learning from it and becoming serious about her job. She realizes that cabin attendants are not only waitresses in the sky.

Even when she progressed to the On Job Training, she still manages to be not good enough in her senpai’s eyes. However when Mikami opened her eyes to the reasons she isn’t doing great, she realizes that she has much to learn, and eventually managed to graduate properly and become a full fledged cabin attendant.

I think life is a journey of experiences, and you never know where it brings you. However, if you really want to accomplish something, put in effort and you can get what you want. I look forward to my beautiful journey working in SIA in the future, learning and growing and contributing to making it the best airline in the world.

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