Happy 44th Birthday Singapore + Great O Week Delta OG

Today is the 44th Birthday of the country I was born in, the land where I toiled for 2 years trying to protect it, the place where I met new people and built friendships, the place which taught me my life’s greatest skills and experiences, the place where I got into and got out of relationships, growing along the way, becoming the person that I am now, Singapore.

Happy Birthday Singapore.

I think Singapore has been great for me. All the bad experiences became a learning point where I grew up and changed myself (hopefully for the better), which led me to greater experiences of my life. The turning point of my life was probably from Bukit Panjang Government High School, which I once felt a great dislike for it. However, it was the place which actually turned me around, so it has been a great place for me.

Life became great at NJC. I made my best friends in NJ and till this day, we never fail to have a mass conversation everyday if we’re online. I had my first academic success in NJ and I felt I belonged very closely in a CCA for the first time in my life. I was in Angklung where we spent countless hours practising for the numerous occasions, and spent time planning as a Treasurer in Exco. I also had my first long relationship. I had the best teachers and had a great time there.

Then National Service came. When you learnt that it was actually fun to get tekanned. BMT was just alright, going through the motion, and then getting sent to SISPEC. Going into BSLC was probably a blessing. Going into ASLC when I didn’t want to was also a blessing. Getting into Guards when I absolutely felt sian of going for another course (Guards Conversion Course) also became a huge blessing. It seems that when life pushes me into things that I didn’t want to, life became better. Becoming a section commander and a Guardsmen and then being selected as Assistant Platoon Sergeant was probably the best thing that happened in my life. The first time we all realized we were mad was that we actually smiled and enjoyed it when the CSMs keep doing this:

Too slow. Go up and change into Long 4 and come back.

Too slow. Go up and change into admin and come back.

And the cycle continues. It was in GCC and we were laughing when we went up the stairs. A mad burst of energy when we all actually felt happy to be together being whacked. Then going into Alpha and taking Platoon 1. Becoming a real section commander with 6 men. Becoming Rawdy company. Becoming Rawdy Brotherhood. When you can say the CB word in front of your fellow sgts and actually meant it as a name, and we all will reply smiling.

And it continues even when you ORD. You go back meeting your NS buddies and feeling great.

Then I got into NUS. Continue to pursue academic success for the sake of not wanting to regret not studying properly. And then my life changed again when my NS brother got me into Great Eastern Entrepreneurship Program. I changed my perspective and became a mini motivational coach (subconsiously) to some friends around me. I set my goals in life and pictured my life in the future. I changed a lot during this time, becoming more extroverted and possibly more matured.

And here I am now, happy where I am. Life has been a great long journey for me. A journey of experiences which make me appreciate life even more.

Thank you Singapore for being the place which made all these possible. Thank you for family and friends.

And I’ve come back from 6 days of ENGIN O Week 2009. I belonged in Geek House and Delta OG. The best house in ENGIN O Week 2009. I’m currently in the midst of uploading all the photos. Gmail is pretty active with many notifications on being tagged and photos being commented upon. It was a great 6 days of my life, and this time the freshies were more enthusiastic and they are mixing amongst themselves right from the start.

We went through a boring FIC (the councillors cannot go so stuck at McDonalds eating ice cream), then boring sponsorship talks, then flag day which was a little boring also, and then we came back on Wednesday and had fun till Saturday morning! We played games on Wed morning, War Games in the afternoon, night games at night where I couldn’t join since I’m one of the station masters. Then thursday where we had external hunt followed by Engin Got Talent at night. Then Friday was Sentosa and then Finale Night at PGP’s MPSH. Then we went to Mc Donalds at West Coast as an OG and talked and played and then we went back to ENGIN and didn’t sleep thru the night. And then it was Rag in the morning.

And I actually felt sad when I saw them leave one by one. Ivan, Cheng Ying left at the grandstand. Dion at the bus stop. Grace hopping into a cab she suddenly hailed. Dwayne, Benjamin and Cheng Liang going seperate ways as Nelson, Qin Qin, Hui Ying and I went to Xian Xue’s car to Clementi. I think it was a fun O week and I’m looking forward to meeting them for lunch in school!

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