Outing with EE people at Ion Orchard

So we decided that the Uniqlo website seems so nice that we wanted to go see for ourselves and maybe buy some stuff. I once saw the sandals that looked fabulous on the website. Or the blazer. Or the casual polo tee shirt.

In the end Uniqlo is just a lot of hype. It’s like an average casual clothing store. Some of the clothes are quite nice, but generally nothing to be so excited about. I didn’t buy anything, especially when the store is so crowded. I like to have lesser people crowding about and do my shopping. Haha.

After uniqlo we walked around in Ion.. Trying to find a hat for the ENGIN Bash in September, but I don’t know what type of hats are suitable. Plus it would be a waste really to not wear it after the Bash. But anyway I got a pair of sunglasses for fun. It’s a cheap one so it’s like a treat for working 2 weeks at NUH.


How do I look? Anyway I updated my facebook display photo. That photo looks a lot better in my opinion.

And we went for ice cream at the Level 1 ice cream place in Ion. In my opinion I prefer other ice cream outlets, although it may be considered “cheap” le for 3 flavours at $5.60. Venezia’s comes to mind when I think of other ice cream outlets.


Looks nice though. And don’t know why they give me 2 spoons. There’s no one to share it with. So sad! Hint hint. Haha.

Tomorrow’s the start of the school semester le. All the best to everyone and may we have a fun and mugging-field semester. Let’s all work together! 🙂

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