What I want out of this semester?

Every semester during the first few weeks, I’ll normally set myself some goals to attain for the coming semester. In the first semester of study in NUS, I wanted to aim for First Class Honours, so I went to aim for a 4.5. In subsequent months, I tried to push myself harder. In the 3rd semester I wanted to pull myself into First Class Honours category, and after I managed to do it, I got more motivated to push harder in the 4th semester.

In my 4th semester I tried to aim for a 5.0. It was the best time for me to try such a nearly impossible feat, in a way to prove to myself that I can do it. I had 5 modules and one of it I was intending to S/U. Although I didn’t need to in the end, I didn’t manage to get a 5.0. Even though I was nearly there, I felt really horrible because I didn’t get what I worked so very hard for.

I once told myself last semester that I won’t do it again. I won’t aim for a 5.0. A somewhat impossibility and there’s plenty of effort to put in. But come to think of it, once you attain a high standard, it makes no sense to aim for lesser. So this semester I’ll once again put in effort and try to get a 5.0, although I wouldn’t be too upset if I couldn’t get it. This time, it is just not so vital or important anymore.

I want to be able to balance my work and play. I want to be able to enjoy my university life. I want to be able to coach my friends to achieve the success they desire, to let them see that nothing is impossible. To let them feel hopes and dreams and that life is great because dreams can come true. To guide them and myself on the correct path as I search for my meaning of life.

I guess I want a whole lot more than result this semester. And I want to get it done.

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