A tiring but enjoyable day

I went to watch Up in 3D today with Hui Ying. We went to Vivocity to watch the movie since it’s the nearest to school because she has to go back for lectures at 4pm. I think it’s a good experience watching it in 3D, although the amount of 3D parts was actually very minimal.

I quite love Pixar’s animation movies. I like the love the old man has for his deceased wife. I like how he continued to persevere because of his wife’s dreams, and how he actually made it so that he fulfilled his wife’s childhood dream of going to South America. And it is so beautiful that the book his wife uses to record her “adventures” was in the end filled with photos of two of them living life from when they got married to when they became old. I like how she was happy to be living life with him, and that every single day can be an adventure even with simple events happening. And how wonderful it feels to be cherished.

After the movie we just walked around for a little shopping, and I really enjoyed myself even though I wasn’t buying anything for myself. There are so many shops selling girl clothing and there are so many clothes in each store. Shopping centres are really built for women! Haha.

There’s this nice fried veggie “cake” thing called Happy Veggie (iirc) and it tastes really nice with the chilli, even when I don’t really like vegetables. There’s no veggie taste at all. And she bought me a cream puff which I haven’t eaten yet. Reminds me of Zettai Kareshi since the girl is a pastry chef who makes delicious shuu cream (cream puffs).

Then on the mrt ride back to school, I got a delightful surprise. She got me this eye drops because she noticed that my eyes are always dry when I wear contacts in school after an extended period of time. I was super touched can? It’s a nice gesture that I really appreciate. She says she sees my eyes red until she feels uncomfortable looking at it. Haha.

After school the freshies and I went to Bukit Timah market for dinner and I tried the ONE TON mee. Ok la. It’s the wanton mee only. The expressways are so jammed at 6pm, it’s a chore to drive anywhere further. I didn’t manage to have enough stomach to eat the tau hway with tang yuan though. So very much wanted to eat it.

Although I didn’t do much today, I felt tired but enjoyable. It was a great day and I loved every minute of it.

私は だんだん あなたの事 が 大好き です。いろ いろ ありがとうございます。

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