Natsu Matsuri 2009

Yesterday was the first time that I attending the Natsu Matsuri. Natsu Matsuri is basically translated as summer festival, and it is a day where people all over Singapore go down to The Japanese Primary School @ Changi to look at a school fair. There are many people, guys included, wearing the yukata, or the kimono-look-alike meant for summer wear.

Before I went there, I had great expectations, but sadly I think I was too late. The queue was so long that when it nearly reached my turn for the okonomiyaki, it SOLD OUT. Gosh it’s like what I’m looking for. The other queues are so long too. I didn’t get to eat the food that I want. The udon, the okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake Tayaki, takoyaki and many many other Japanese food! Omg I’m feeling so disappointed now because I didn’t get to eat. So very very disappointed.

We didn’t play the games too but just went to look at the performance and had a beef don shared amongst 4 of us. And I don’t think Natsu Matsuri is a good place for one to look at girls. It was a great place to listen to Japanese though, and I felt happy to be able to recognize a whole sentence. A little kid tugged his father and said “Onaka ga suita”. Which means “I’m hungry” or literally “Stomach is empty”.

I think everyone’s not very used to Natsu Matsuri yet, or maybe it wasn’t as enthusiastic, else it would have been more fun. The driving around was fun too. Haha.

At night we drove Mazin home, and the rest of us went to Bukit Timah for supper which was actually dinner because I didn’t get to eat the Japanese food that I wanted. *Curses and swears*

I still reached home about midnight. Overall it was a very nice experience, and I am glad that my friends accompanied me there and that they also are interested in Natsu Matsuri themselves. Next year, I’ll be there earlier and eat all the food!

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