The toughness of EE2001

EE2001, something to be dreaded. It’s a project mod, only 3 hours a week (of lab), and its 6MCs. Which means you spend a lot of time working on the project, and it is not during normal hours. Which is why almost everyone of us can’t finish the mini project in a week. Not to mention that the software doesn’t run on Vista, else I could have done it in the comfort of our own home.

Now that the deadline has been pushed to Friday, I would then have to go tomorrow morning and try to solve the problem, failing which I will have to spend Thurs afternoon doing it and Friday morning. And then the dreadful presentation on Friday 11am, to get the 10% of CA marks that I think I deserve.

Not to mention that I have a whole lot of other things to do like catch up on EE2007 and EE3408. And assignments to hand in and the stupid EE2007 Mini Project next week too. The number of projects seem to increase. I guess the holiday mood has just died. It’s time to go back to full speed ahead to survive the semester.

It’ll be busy, it’ll be tough, but it’s the same as every semester and I will finish it and enjoy my one month holiday in December. 🙂

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