Wonderful day

I had a wonderful day today. I enjoyed a small McDonald’s breakfast today and it is so cheap to buy it in school. Big Breakfast meal costs $4.50 only. The wonders of being a student. So many perks. I think the company is great. Enjoyable but short time spent on breakfast, and then I had to go to the lab to continue doing my work.

I didn’t manage to finish my lab yesterday and I was feeling real rotten about it. When I went there today, I worked really hard and within 3 hours, I have got it working properly less a hardware fault that I should probably rectify. So yes it is a great day since I manage to complete what I wanted.

I think the studying enthusiasm is starting to return and the engines are starting to turn too.

And my contact lens came off when I put eyedrops today. Stupid. Had to revert to specs and luckily nelson found one of my dropped lens. The other was on my hand. Thank God. I think I still have much to catch up in terms of lecture notes. Haha.

I love duck.

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