Badminton and a run

Today is the badminton day where the OG has been planning for about 2 weeks. We finally got a few people down to play badminton together for about 2 hours, and I have no idea why I’m getting lousier at the sport. I can’t seem to hit as well as last semester. It’s also a shorter duration. In the past we played for 3 hours straight.

After badminton I went for a short 2.4km run. It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t a good speed but at least I did the distance. 6 rounds round the school track. And then I went to bathe.

We then walked to the student lounge to slack and they were trying to decide where to go for the night. Nobody could make any decision as usual. Ended up they went to Bugis, and I just went to a duck rice stall to have a nice dinner before heading home. I think it is an interesting idea to drive out to find food at night. It’s a good way to destress and spend time with people too.

I’m super tired because of the run and badminton exercise today, so I’m going to sleep soon.

I love the bread with ham and cheese.

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