Bash @ St James

It is the 2nd time that I’ve been to a club. The first was last year’s ENGIN bash where it was held at the Gotham Penthouse at Clark Quey. This year, the venue is a little bigger in my opinion, and it’s held at St James Power Station, where EE students can do their fyp! I didn’t say that, my senior did when he found his way after being lost. -_-”

This time the feeling for bash is really different. Even though bash is always a little boring when the crowd isn’t wild, and that the events are usually just the pageant which isn’t really interesting, this year’s bash is special because of the company I have.

Duck wore the nice blue dress that she bought in my presence at Vivocity the other day. With nice makeup and perfume. Looking really good and she didn’t wear heels because she would then be taller than me.

I just drank Coke and she drank a glass of Vodka Cranberry. I didn’t drink any alcoholic drink because I had to drive her home after the bash and I want to be very focused and safe. I don’t want to combat fatigue and alcohol.

After the pageant, the year 3s celebrated Michelle’s birthday with a cake inside the club. It was just a simple song with 1 line missing, as well as a cake. That’s all. After that we all went to Harbour Front’s Mc Donald’s for a little supper and then I left at mid night. The carpark was only $3 in the end. I went to top up $20 just in case for nothing!

The journey to her house and back to my home was smooth. Green light most of the time with clear traffic conditions, allowing for optimum top speed and less dangerous motorists to care about. On the lift up she just told me to drive safely when I go back home. It’s just two words but it’s like a subtle touch that means the whole world.

I like it when you care the way you do, even though you didn’t have to directly say it.

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