Quick Updates

Haven’t been actively posting during the entire semester. I’ve been busy with school work and settling of many other stuff.

EE2001 has gone to “full swing”. The project has been decided upon, and the jobs handed out. I’ll have to learn Visual Basic to program the GUI for the 3 laptops systems. Effectively the GUI systems is the bulk of the entire project and has to be done swee swee. Else we’ll have a hard time.

EE2007..there’s a mini project 2 to be done asap. And a major project coming up after the mid term break. But first the mini project 2 has to be done properly.

EE3408.. design lab to do..then the real design (30%) lab will come out and there’ll be much things to do.

EG2401.. Tutorial 3 has to be done since my group’s in charge. Then interim report due in the recess week and then the whole paper in the 2nd part of the semester.

ACC1002X has a project but nobody started on the grouping..quite slack and hopefully it doesn’t take up a lot of time.

GEM2900.. my best mod. Don’t take up time other than 4 hr lecture per week. Great mod. Can’t really be bothered with it since most of the stuff was taught before.

Yay. A simple post about my life.

And she’s just making me smile everyday.

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