How I got worried…

Today while I was going to school, an interesting but worrying thing happened. I received an sms from Duck saying that she fell, so I called her. The reception wasn’t that good, plus the background was noisy since she was in the train, so I thought it was a normal fall.

Until I met her at Jurong East, when she came and asked if she could sit down. And so we sat down, and she lifted her feet and there’s this wad of tissue below her toe. And the tissue is soaked with blood. Maybe not soaked but there’s a lot of blood. And I was flustered. I kept thinking about the nearest pharmacy or 7-11. I couldn’t think of one at Clementi. Super fail. Then she just said, take my concession and go out and buy. I was thinking if there was any pharmacy / 7-11 at Jurong East, and I’m not sure. But luckily there’s a Guardian right beside Popular, which is just below the station.

I went to find the required stuff, and I found the antiseptic creams first. I found one that was small so I can keep it in my bag for future uses, and then I went to search for plasters. I found one that says assorted, and I bought it because I didn’t know which ones were big enough. The person at Guardian was still trying to promote the Eclipse sweets to me. What usual price 3 plus now 2 plus. I nearly got impatient. I wanted to say “Excuse me, my [insert word here] is up there bleeding and I have no mood for sweets”. But I didn’t. Am a nice guy.

Then I ran up to the platform and there’s a concerned ah ma talking to her. Asking her what happened and asking her to see a doctor. I took tissue to clean her wound, then applied antiseptic on the plaster and applied it on her toe. A pity that there wasn’t more resources, else perhaps I could have washed it with some sterile solution. Anyway MRT doesn’t like spilling. Imagine getting fined $500 for doing first aid.

Then the train came and I wanted to take her backpack for her but she refused. She just walked with the pain in her leg all the way to school.

I think it has been a long time since I was so worried, and also since I ever needed to apply first aid for so much blood. I hope her wound heals soon. There’s one at the shin, one at the big toe and one at the 2nd toe.

Escalators are dangerous and care must be taken when running up an escalator. 😦

He art.

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