The busy semester

I’m guilty. I’m guilty of not doing the numerous things that I probably should do as the semester progresses on. I’m unable to do all those because I happen to have other pressing school work to do, and new priorities in life.

The recess week has descended upon us university undergraduates, and this just simply means that after this week, there’s only 7 more weeks to reading week, so its 8 more weeks to the exams! *Horrors* And so the aim of this week is to catch up on all the lectures and tutorials that have made me so confused.

This time, however, I am only needed to prepare for 2 mid term tests when I only took 6 modules. This sounds really slack and good, but this is going to be my busiest recess week ever. Why? Out of my 6 modules, 5 of them are project related, which means I should probably clear those assignments that I have to hand in, and prepare for the bigger projects to come.

For EE2001, the project has already started, and I find myself with 2 major tasks for this week. The first is to finish up the C coding for my portion of the project, which is to implement a plate delivery system which tells the waiter which plate is to be delivered to which table. This sounds really easy to do, until you realize that you have to link all the systems together in the end, and that you want to try to build extra features to make it more user friendly for the chef. The second is to learn Visual Basic from scratch, since I’m partly responsible for building the Graphical User Interface(s) for the project. I would have to go to school one day for the programming of the chip.

For EE2007, I have to catch up, and then I have to complete my mini project 2. I would also have to end up being in school to do the lab since I need 2 computers with RS232 connections to test and debug the program.

For EE3408, catch up on lectures (which is a major part) and complete the assignment that I have done halfway.

For ACC1002X, I have to revise for mid terms and start work on the project. The group members are like year 4s. And you think that a level 1000 module should be for freshies. Haha. I think I should do this fast and get it out of the way. I don’t want to spend too much time on this module.

Then for EG2401, my dear engineering professionalism, an interim report is due Tuesday. My group also has to do up the slides for discussion on Tutorial 3 by next Wednesday, so there’s a lot of work. 😦

Thankfully for GEM2900, there’s nothing that needs my attention, so its still a 5 module recess week. 🙂

That’s all for my updates. Boring life but that’s what I have to do.

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