Haven’t been blogging

I realized I didn’t blog for the entire recess week! It has been a recess week that is very different from the usual recess week I have. Particularly there’s no mid term tests waiting for me in the week following the recess week. There’s only 2 modules with tests but they are on the next and next next week. So I have time to study. In the past I have to study for 4 or 5 modules in a week and catch up everything.

This time, the modules are more project based, so I end up having to complete assignments, send emails on presentations as well as do essays online, and going to school to do programming for a mini project. The focus is quite different obviously, since there’s more hands on work compared to pure studying, but there’s revision also. And catching up.

And so the semester started again today, and you feel the impact because you get confused again after another lecture, and there’s things to do at night to complete up the project and tutorials and presentations. It’s like a mad rush. And I haven’t had time to go and do my Visual Basic properly. How would I be able to build my GUI man?

I think I better get back to work. Kthxbye. Haha.

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