I seem to be twitting more than I blog recently. Especially when I linked my twitter account with an SGBeat account that allows me to tweet by sending an sms to a local number. Since I have unlimited sms to all local numbers, I thought it was super convenient for me to send smses to update my twitter account. Maybe one day I shall place my twitter account on my blog. For easier access.

Another week has gone past and to many people, the mid term exams week are finally over. I didn’t have mid term exams this week; I only had presentations of projects and tutorials to do. Nonetheless I have 2 upcoming tests, but not to worry, I am already half prepared for it. It’s the projects that I should probably be worried about.

Hence I’m going to dedicate this day to just doing Visual Basic. Following the book and learning how everything is done, so I can finally progress to more higher level programming to suit my needs for the project. Most of the project details for every module has been released, somehow I have a high level of excitement for a particular project, to create monopoly using assembly language. Yes, monopoly, the game. I think it will be interesting, and it won’t be too difficult if I adopt a good programmer mentality and plan the coding first before I actually do it.

And my hair is long again in front. I love it when my wax moves the hair up so it doesn’t irritate my eyes. Haha.

And I thank you for being there for me

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